I am Grateful To

I am Grateful to

Aug 29, 2015


What a journey! It’s been about 6 years since I began to think about creating an online journal. Throughout that period, I have been trying to understand what I wanted to create, share and talk about; and what to call it. Naturally the fear of putting myself out-there impeded the process somewhat. The overwhelming desire to make it happen won in the end. 

So without further ado…

Jeanne Journal is a collection of monthly stories on the subjects really dear to me.  I’ll be sharing my musings on food, beauty and things that are meaningful to me. *By the way I don’t like the word blog, so I call it a journal. In case you were wondering. 

There are many people to thank…for their inspiration, support, advice and on-going encouragement. 

For starters I want to thank Ted Delano, from Made By Sea; he is the web designer who brought my ideas to life and created a digital presence for Jeanne Journal. Ted is creative, intuitive and he really listens.  He captured the vision I had for the overall appearance of the site, one that’s clean, crisp, refreshing and alive. Cleverly, he came up with the system for me to use an iPhone 6 plus, a tripod and other ancillary equipment to shoot all the images and video content for this site.  Ted has also taught me some shooting skills, editing and how to post entries myself. Well sort of!  

To my dear friends: Annie Jaroszewicz, who’s offered me her talent, expertise and experience, to inspire me to reach the finish line. She was there for the many names, design concepts and logo ideas. Thank you for your enthusiasm, counsel and friendship.    Irina Firstein my dear friend who celebrates life and she does it with gusto! I love her diligence for keeping celebrations sacrosanct.  Jami Giovanopoulos, who has always enthusiastically supported my projects, offering smart advice and wicked humor on any topic.  Janice Newman, who wins my favorite teacher award; and has been my friend for 35 years; she still guides me with her enthusiam.  Abi Fawcett my Scottish friend who has been pushing me to just do-it!  Samantha Malone, it’s such a pleasure to have you by my side in the kitchen each summer; and loved that you were a part of the first photo shoot. 

To every chef I have worked for or with, either in a restaurant kitchen or private home.  I have watched, listened and learned from you…Thank you!

To my parents, Tom & Ellie Cuddy, I am so blessed to have your constant love and support, and your enthusiasm for everything I do.  Growing up I learned that enjoying delicious food was a celebration in itself.

And finally, to beloved husband, Shimon Peretz you have always inspired me, with your passion, talent and dedication. You have lovingly supported me through every change my career has taken, and here we go again with Jeanne Journal. It's going to be a great ride!!!