I wanted to share


Yup, that's me up there on the left, sporting the watch.

I'm guessing I was clapping because I liked something. Truth is, I like a lot of things. Among the essentials are delicious food, beautiful living and meaningful experiences. 

I love all things food! As a child growing up in Massachusetts I baked a lot, basically to satiate my sweet tooth.  As a teen, becoming more adventuresome in the kitchen, I explored many cookbooks, ingredients and styles of cooking. I developed a passion for cooking and entertaining as a young adult, and honed my awareness of the importance of fresh, quality ingredients. All of that has led to cooking and baking professionally for the last twenty-seven years.

Art has always been a part of my life. As a kid there were arts & crafts, then art lessons. Thanks to an amazing art community in high school, I went on to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts in college.  A move to NYC landed me a job in SoHo - talk about a visually stimulating, inspiring place! 

This is where I met my husband Shimon, a passionate designer and woodworker. I began to work for him, until I transitioned into a food career, then with him in a supportive role.  It’s been thirty-two years now.

I like the idiom every day’s a school day, mainly because I hope to learn something new, or meet someone new, or to be inspired by something new…everyday. And then, I like to share those lessons, with my interpretations, right back to those around me. 


I started Jeanne Journal



I’ll be cooking recipes, talking about ingredients, suggesting places to enjoy a great meal or simply wow you with awesome food images.

Everyday, beauty surrounds us. Some visual sources are derived from nature, art, or design.  Yet anything that gives pleasure, stimulates the mind or spirit, is rooted in beauty. This is where I will post images, create videos and share stories about the things that catch my eye and give me pleasure.

It's really the small things in life that have the greater emotional impact.  Taking an unexpected walk with a friend; watching the sun set or experiencing the kindness of a stranger.  Sharing these experiences is what connects us.  We’ll be doing a lot of sharing…